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Friday, January 21, 2022

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Agenda for today

  1. Kick-Off question.

  2. Mindfulness

  3. Inspiration Notebook

  4. Gravit Bonus Lesson 2

  5. Reflection.

Due today

  • Lifeline 17


Kick-off question


Kick-Off Question of the day:

What was the best thing that you learned about Photoshop?

Today...Mindfulness - Ogre

Your personal ogre...





TODAY write in your Mindfulness journal.

Here is your Journal topic for today: CLICK HERE.

Insperation Notebook


Inspiration Notebook







This weeks' example:


Blue flowers

I found this sign in Portland. I love it! Love the creative messy style, some of it just barely indicated and also it is all clear and easily read too. It gives you an idea of what the place is.

I hope that i remember this sign and use that technique someday on something l am creating.




Photopea Logo Photopea Bonus Lesson...

Dawyne Johnson


Learning Log

Reflect on Learning:

What is something that you learned or were confused about today?


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