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Thursday, January 20, 2022/Friday, January 21, 2022

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Agenda for today

  1. Mindfulness...

  2. Kick-Off question.

  3. Google Sheets Lesson 3

    Google Sheets Assignment 1

  4. Learning Log.

Due today

  • Lifeline 17


Kick-off question


Kick-Off Question of the day:

What is the tool that you use to add up cells in an Google Sheets worksheet? How does it work?

Today...Mindfulness - Ogre

Your personal ogre...





TODAY write in your Mindfulness journal.

Here is your Journal topic for today: CLICK HERE.

Google Sheets logoGoogle Sheets: Lesson 3

You will need the GOALS file in google Classroom.

Page 251


Google Sheets logoGoogle Sheets: Assignment 1


Office Party Click here.


Learning Log

Reflect on Learning:

What is something that you learned or were confused about today?


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